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After renovating our family home in rural Southside VA, we were ready to start growing flower gardens.  We added a few daylilies to our beds and fell in love with them.  It began as a family & friends garden, where we enjoyed picking out our daylilies with names that were a reflection of the special people in our lives. We were having so much fun that the garden continued to grow, and now, we have over 10,000 daylilies and 900+ varieties.  We realized this was a special place that we wanted to share with everyone so we opened up our daylily garden to the public.  It is in the middle of nowhere but it’s worth the drive!

Sadly, I lost my husband and daylily partner (Randall) in 2017 due to cancer.  I have continued to keep the gardens maintained and open.  

Daylilies are truly the perfect perennial. They come back year after year, require little maintenance, and the blooms are beautiful. I love to walk the garden when blooming begins to pick out my favorites, which seem to change each day!

I am a AHS Display garden and a member of the Southern Virginia Daylily Club and Charlottesville Daylily Club.  


Thank you for allowing me to share the garden with you!


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